Information Technology Services

Custom Software Development

We provide custom software solutions that cater specifically to the needs of your business. Don't force your business to fit the software. Allow us to cater the software to fit your business so that it can operate efficiently and effectively.

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Website Design, Development and Hosting

Need a Website or a redesign of your current site? Give us a call to discuss your business needs. We provide high quality websites and web applications designed to grow your business.

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Computer Network Design, Installation and Support

Do you need a group of computers set up and interconnected at your office or place of business? Call on us to get your office computer network set up. This also include printers and other devices.

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IT Consulting / Staffing Support

Whenever you need an IT consultant on board to provide guidance or expert knowledge, or to perform hands on work, and to augment your staff, look no further than us. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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Additional Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An ERP implementation requires ERP experts who know your industry or who have the technical capability to accuratly define your business requirements. It also requires experts who know the ERP software that has been chosen, and what it takes to get it implemented on time and within budget. In addition, it is important to find ERP experts who have what it takes to ensure that your organization actually understands all the business benefits that it should receive from the system to be implemented.

With best practices in mind, our ERP implementation service helps to ensure that your system is implemented correctly and that it takes your organization to the next level of quality and efficiency.

Some of our service items include the following:

  • Finalization of business case
  • Determination of true cost of ownership (TCO)
  • ERP solution design
  • Gaps between requirements and system capabilities
  • Custom configuration requirements
  • ERP project management (including project governance framework)
  • Business process reengineering and requirements
  • Organizational change management needs and timeline (e.g., communications, training, stakeholder alignment initiatives, change impacts, etc.)
  • ERP integration with legacy systems
  • Phasing / cutover strategies
  • Data migration strategy
  • Determination of resource requirements (both internal and external)
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities (Core Team, Executive Steering Committee, Subject Matter Experts, ERP Vendor, System Integrator, etc.)

  • Call on us for your ERP initiative and our network of experts will come to your site and begin the process of guiding your group through the steps to realize quantifiable value and return on your investment.

    Cloud Computing (Data Backup Solutions/Disaster Recovery)

    Don't let the next disaster or unfortunate event catch you and your business ill prepared. Now, more than ever, businesses are realizing the importance of having a backup solution in place for their business. With a business continuity solution in place, this ensures that businesses can be up and running even after a disaster strikes.

    In the grand scheme of things, keeping your company operating in a non-stop capacity, is more than just planning for disaster recovery, it's about having an organization that's built around a resilient infrastructure.

    Give us a call to begin the process of discovering an appropriate cloud/disaster recovery solution for your business or organization.

    Business Intelligence (BI)

    Having deeper insight about your business or organization, and having that information at your fingertips, is paramount when it comes to driving innovation. Having important information quickly can also give you a competitive edge over other businesses.

    Our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are designed with your business specifics in mind, enabling you to improve decision making, cut costs, and identify areas of improvement, in addition identifying new business opportunities. You can gain answers to your toughest business questions as quickly as the snap of a finger. We also enable you to gain insight, not only into what has happened, but what is happening in your business in real time, and also into what the future may hold for your business via predictive analysis.

    Our solutions will empower your people with easy access to the business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools they need to make faster, and more informed decisions. In addition, our solutions can boost your organization’s collective intelligence by giving all users the information they need to apply smarter processes, improve performance, and to etablish overall effectiveness in their duties.

    Give us a call to begin the process of discovering an appropriate Business Intelligence (BI) solution for your business or organization.

    Database and Systems Administration

    Are you finding more of a need for DBA staffing support? More and more businesses and organizations are relying on us to provide DBA support services to help ensure the availability, reliability, and optimal performance of their mission critical databases and information systems.
    We provide database administration support service and provide consultation on database design, administration, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Our consultants are highly experienced, and certified. And we focus mainly on Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL databases.

    Our DBA service greatly reduces the typical costs associated with database administration. Many times the return on investment is apparent early in the process of engagement. Reasons to Outsource Your DBA Needs.

  • Fill skill gaps
  • Avoid overburdening current staff
  • Mitigate workload peaks
  • Reduced Maintenance and Support Fees