Managing the Business of working from anywhere

File synchronization and File sharing with backup for desktops, mobile devices, and file servers.

Access files from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the web. Always up to date with Unlimited Versioning.

Real-time file backup

Because synchroniztion process is syncing files, it’s also able to back them up, as soon as changes are made. Our Synchronization process syncs and backs up more than just the files in your Synchroniztion folder, it also protects files and folders on your Desktop and in My Documents, Music, Video, Downloads and Documents folders. Plus, our process will also automatically backup photos and videos from iOS and Android devices. And unlike other online backup services, once files are backed up with our synchronization process, they’re available from any device - Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and the web.

Real-time backup eliminates the "Backup Gap"

Most people set their backup to run every 24 hours. But if an employee has spent all day working on a document and then loses a laptop, has a hard drive failure, or gets hit by ransomware, yesterday’s backup isn’t going to help. Unlike traditional solutions, which create gaps because they back-up on a set schedule, Our process backs up files in real time, every time a change is made. And will keep an unlimited number of versions.

As soon as files are created or changed, they’re backed up, and instantly accessible from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and the web. So if data is lost, it can be recovered and restored quickly, thus reducing downtime and keeping employees productive no matter what strikes.

Restore to any point in time

Backed-up files can easily be restored to any previous versions using our Synchronization process, in case of hard drive crashes, lost or stolen laptops, accidental deletion or mass file infection. Employees and administrators can use the restore feature to bring back files from a specific time and date.